Lownote Music is the personal brand of musician and educator, Tim Hill.  In addition to his own personal projects, Tim has a passion for helping musicians develop sustainable careers by providing them the tools, skills, and services to stand out in a highly competitive landscape.  Lownotemusic.com is an overview of Tim's personal projects as a musician, educator, and coach.  


Tim Hill is a Southern Californian by birth and a New Mexican by upbringing.  During those years in New Mexico, his main interests were music and microbiology.  When he wasn't working on his latest science fair project, he was involved in honing his skills on clarinet and bass clarinet.  In 9th grade, his band director encouraged him to take up tuba for concert band and to learn bass for the newly formed stage band.  It was at this point that a love affair began with all things bass. Upon graduating high school, Tim majored in music education at New Mexico State University with an emphasis in "heavy metal" (tuba, euphonium, trombone).  During his time at NMSU, Tim performed with various bands, ensembles, and combos throughout Southern New Mexico and West Texas.  

Post college, Tim spent ten years in public music education while continuing to perform with various ensembles in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.  With the dawn of a new century, Tim transitioned to leading church worship groups while supplementing his income as an IT project manager. with stops in North Texas and Northeast Ohio.  In recent years, Tim has been focusing on songwriting, as well as various Latin jazz and blues projects while also being involved with Guitar Center Lessons, first in Dallas, TX, and now in Greater Los Angeles area.

Tim currently resides in Woodland Hills with his wife, son, and two dogs.